Friday, May 18, 2007

Strawberries U-Pick

We picked Swanton Berry Farm as our U-pick destination, a morning getaway. I want my organic strawberries. I want it NOW! I want it CHEAP! And I want it SWEET! Swanton Berry Farm has it all. You just have to turn laborious , do some legwork and you can have it NOW, CHEAP, and SWEET. Organic too! Nothing is free in this world, right? If you want it, work for it!

Currently, the strawberry field is opened for U-pick and strawberries are at $2/lb. Are you ready to join the fun ? Find a nearby U-pick location near you. Just make sure to call any location you have chosen to make sure the fields are ready for U-pick.

More about Swanton Berry Farm:
Swanton Berry Farm has two ranches that are open seasonally to the public. The Farm Stand is open year round selling baked goods and organic strawberries. It is also the site of our u-pick strawberry fields. Located approximately 1.5hrs south of San Francisco. The Farm Stand is approximately 10mins north of Santa Cruz.

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