Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pay peanuts - get monkeys or peanuts

Is that really true of budget travel? For those who have flown often on budget airlines from your continent(Asia, America, Australia, Africa etc), which is THE ONE ? Most people talk about value-for-money when on budget. Going on budget does not mean losing the finer things in life, does it ?

I'm doing this post because there is food concerned. And where food is concerned, when you pay peanuts, you get peanuts! Byte-sized fares, bite-sized peanuts...

Southwest- Symbol of freedom. Love airline. If you are not aware, Southwest is the only airline that has remained profitable even in bad (economy) times. Why ? It flies only domestic(United States), thus carries just one fleet of aircraft. Everything becomes standardized (standard maintenance, standard aircraft parts, standard procedures, etc etc). Ding! Low operation cost and hopefully, savings are passed to us, the consumers. Another success factor goes like that:

Scenario 1 -
You : Why are you helping people with their luggage ?
Baggage Handler (typical): That's part of my job.

Scenario 2 -
You : Why are you helping people with their luggage ?
Baggage Handler (Southwest): I'm helping this passenger get across to another state so that she can celebrate grandma's birthday

Can you feel the love ? If you are ever on-board the Love Airline, tell me if you can find love(instead of monkeys) when you pay peanuts!

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sin City -Save the best for last

How can we complete our journey to Vegas without the Grand Canyon ? We saw the Grand Canyon via the Scenic airplane and on-foot as well. The beauty of the Grand Canyon...one of the seven wonders of the natural world.

The plane we took, sits only ~15-20

Can you see Hoover Dam from here? This majestic dam power distributes to Arizona, Nevada(Las Vegas included), and some states in California

Overlooking Lake Mead from the air

Other shot from the air. It has been snowing...in the desert

Reached the South Rim, and began on-foot

Breathtaking view of Grand Canyon

Another postcard perfect view of Grand Canyon

Well, this is the last of Vegas series. After all the fun, play, and eat. It's back to work time! See you in my kitchen.

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Sin City - So sexy and beautiful

As if I have seen a lot. No. I've just seen the one at Sentosa, Singapore. But the musical fountain @ Bellagio, Las Vegas is the most beautiful and elegant I've seen so far. I would term it sexy, just the right shape, and curves, able to express herself, knows when to do it, and most importantly is herself (although man-made). What makes me enjoy, even more:
-It's FREE, conveniently located along the Strip
-Good mix of music, classical and modern
-Great, superb choreography
-No tacky lighting effects
-Plus, the cooling weather(~15degC)

Just make everything totally enjoyable. Cool!

They say picture says a thousand words, then a video would surely paint a million words. Still, this would not do justice. Be there yourself. It will be worth a billion zillion words.

Watch out for the "climax"...last few seconds...We watched this segment in person. Love it! If you hear the "boom", it's the water cannon at work!

Did not catch this, but thanks to the person who uploaded it. Enjoy too!

Courtesy to those who have uploaded. We did not create these videos, but we are the ones who took the photos, though.

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Sin City - Stripping all day, all night

Not recommended to drive along the Strip in Las Vegas, unless you have plenty of time to spare.

We got on the Monorail in Las Vegas, plus... walked along the Strip this way, that way, northwards, southwards, all day, all night. I call walking along the strip , "Strip-ping."

Here are some pictures we took. Let them speak.

That's New York

Venetian, that's Venice

Excalibur- but where's Merlin ?

Paris, Las Vegas

Paris, Las Vegas

Found Merlin at night, have you ?

New York, blurry at night

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sin City - Need to stay away from them, at least for now

Whatever chocolates, or doughnuts, how can they be more sinful than these ? Buffets for breakfast, dinner, breakfast, dinner, breakfast, dinner. Most Vegas breakfast buffets have a "egg station" where you can opt any style you wish -omelette, fried, sunny-side-up, scrambled.

Always found in the spread are sausage, bacon, ham, more scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, corned beef, pancakes, waffles, french toast, bagels etc. Breakfast buffets range between US11.99-13.99 in the Strip hotels. But the more expensive ones usually serve better quality food, likewise for dinner buffets(price range between US16.99-24.99). And you can always find crab claws, shrimps/prawns and prime rib in dinner buffets with the other miscellaneous standard items. THAT'S...a lot of food!

Notice the mountain of crab claws. Eat all you can !

The next peak beside the crab moutain is a pile of prawns/shrimps. Also, eat all you can!

Don't mention buffets to me now. I need to stay away from them at least for a month.

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Sin City - Matured Content

"Crazy Girls" found outside Riviera Hotel entrance. We took a shot at it, then continue our stroll along the Strip.

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