Sunday, February 24, 2008

Desserts indulgence at Hui Lau Shan, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong trip did not end here or here. Hong Kong tea cafes and traditional teahouses were just few of them. Wonton noodles, roasted goose and quail, there're more...and I have not done my writing-cum-posting yet. Could I just post pictures? Overwhelmed by a backlog of eat-travel Hong Kong posts; and stint inTaiwan, I wish I could recommend all them to you in a few but that will be too disorganized, for me and for you.

Slowly but surely.

This is a famous dessert-chain in Hong Kong which seems to be recommended by many. 许留山 pronounced Xu Liu Shan - named after the creator, also known as Hui Lau Shan, if you were to search for it over the net in English. With 50 years history, this shop started as a herbal tea shop specializing in herbal jellies and evolved to a popular chain today with many mango specialty desserts. Spoilt with choices that I have to visit three times in a same trip and each time, feeling thrilled and enthralled about which dessert to order. You will be surprised (or at least I did) that there is even one shop located in San Francisco, California. If this is a true (not some imitation shop) sprout from Hong Kong's Hui Lau Shan and if it is still operating for business, it is known by another name - Creations Dessert, in the United States. Verifying the menu, it's not as complete as the one in Hong Kong. I am feeling iffy at this time. I don't believe there is even one in Singapore - anyone tried or reviewed it yet?

Back to the original in Hong Kong -

Mango pudding - mango fruits platter - mango puree with fresh mango cubes - mango puree with fresh mango cubes, sago with coconut milk - mango puree with fresh mango cubes and pomelo sacs - mango puree with fresh mango cubes and pomelo sacs topped with mango sherbert ice-cream. This is just 10% of number of items in the menu, maybe? Oh my goodness, call it a fantasy, a dream. Mango fantasia, mango slavery! :O

For once, I tried something non-mango-ish. Stewed bird's nest with coconut milk! I remembered this was at a promotional price (HKD40~USD5~SGD7) - so I allowed myself to indulge. :D

This warm dessert came out steaming, and was absolutely comforting on my stomach. Every scoopful of it into the entire coconut shell was floating with bird's nest. Best of all, the dessert was not overly-sweet. Hint of rock-sugar sweet in the bird's nest just perfect in that warm coconut milk. Such a pleasure.

The next time you visit Hong Kong, don't forget to plan this. If you are asking any tip from me, I'm going to give you this - keep your stomach ~20% empty after lunch or dinner, so that you can enjoy these fabulous desserts (yes, that's a tip!)

I made mango slushy dessert before, remember?

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