Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pay peanuts - get monkeys or peanuts

Is that really true of budget travel? For those who have flown often on budget airlines from your continent(Asia, America, Australia, Africa etc), which is THE ONE ? Most people talk about value-for-money when on budget. Going on budget does not mean losing the finer things in life, does it ?

I'm doing this post because there is food concerned. And where food is concerned, when you pay peanuts, you get peanuts! Byte-sized fares, bite-sized peanuts...

Southwest- Symbol of freedom. Love airline. If you are not aware, Southwest is the only airline that has remained profitable even in bad (economy) times. Why ? It flies only domestic(United States), thus carries just one fleet of aircraft. Everything becomes standardized (standard maintenance, standard aircraft parts, standard procedures, etc etc). Ding! Low operation cost and hopefully, savings are passed to us, the consumers. Another success factor goes like that:

Scenario 1 -
You : Why are you helping people with their luggage ?
Baggage Handler (typical): That's part of my job.

Scenario 2 -
You : Why are you helping people with their luggage ?
Baggage Handler (Southwest): I'm helping this passenger get across to another state so that she can celebrate grandma's birthday

Can you feel the love ? If you are ever on-board the Love Airline, tell me if you can find love(instead of monkeys) when you pay peanuts!

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