Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sin City - So sexy and beautiful

As if I have seen a lot. No. I've just seen the one at Sentosa, Singapore. But the musical fountain @ Bellagio, Las Vegas is the most beautiful and elegant I've seen so far. I would term it sexy, just the right shape, and curves, able to express herself, knows when to do it, and most importantly is herself (although man-made). What makes me enjoy, even more:
-It's FREE, conveniently located along the Strip
-Good mix of music, classical and modern
-Great, superb choreography
-No tacky lighting effects
-Plus, the cooling weather(~15degC)

Just make everything totally enjoyable. Cool!

They say picture says a thousand words, then a video would surely paint a million words. Still, this would not do justice. Be there yourself. It will be worth a billion zillion words.

Watch out for the "climax"...last few seconds...We watched this segment in person. Love it! If you hear the "boom", it's the water cannon at work!

Did not catch this, but thanks to the person who uploaded it. Enjoy too!

Courtesy to those who have uploaded. We did not create these videos, but we are the ones who took the photos, though.

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