Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ski trip at Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley

How could I have forgotten about this ? My ski trip back in Jan 2007 !

Taken at Squaw Valley

We took the Bay Area Ski Bus. This time, no driving! Stress-free! Slept all the way in the bus from pick up location to the ski resort! Continental breakfast and after-ski refreshements included as well! I'm in exclamation because this is really superb if you want to save your energy for skiing. There are add-ons and options for ski/snowboard(including lift tickets), beginner ski/snowboard package(including lessons, and rental equipment- ski, poles, and boots).

I'm not sure if skiing or snowboarding is easier to learn for a true beginner. We chose the former in the Tahoe Overnighter. On the first day at Alpine Meadows, it was terrible. I fell and fell upteem times, and I did not master any basic ski skills. End of that day, I told myself I was not going for the ski lessons on the next day. Once fallen hard, twice shy - can you imagine how I felt, physically ? If I were 10 years younger, I would have been more adventurous and "pain- and bruise-resistant".

Second day at Squaw Valley - it was so windy and cold at an elevation. The wind blew with ice-bits hitting our face - the only body part not covered and protected. The lessons carried on still, despite the windy conditions. I was disappointed (I was hoping for it to be cancelled, in fact).
Hey, this instructor at Squaw Valley was much much better. She taught us the basics and were detailed to correct our mistakes in terms of ski positions, and techniques. I DID NOT FALL! Yes, I did not fall during the lessons, and when on my own! I am starting to love this! The sensation of skiing down the terrain at that down-slope speed was simply beyond description. A sense of freedom! A sense of accomplishment beyond the usual physical attainment!

We concluded that for beginners, ski and snowboard can be both easy to pick up, depending on which ski resort you go to - the terrain, and the availability of experienced instructors ARE IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION FACTORS!

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