Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hotspring resort in Taichung, Taiwan - Freshfields Resort

A day trip out from Taichung city.

Freshfields Resort is a ~ 20min taxi ride from Taichung city. A great way to spend the weekend, away from the polluted city. What's the hoo-ha? This is a hotspring hotel, almost right smacked in the city. More "ahs"... ...well...it's our first time enjoying hotspring. We are "shy" people. So we opted for room with private hotspring rather than share the public hotspring bath with other guests. :P

Beauty bath in hotspring water

Hot and cold hotspring water options

For a price of 4800NT (weekdays), +1000NT (5800NT for weekends and holidays), it's a comfortable stay in a room with private tub piped with hotspring water.

Will go again if feel like it, since it's so near. :)

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