Monday, March 03, 2008

Of food, "hanging" ingredients, window shopping


Pardon that reflection and my lack of photography skills...

Yung Kee - this is a famous restaurant in the Central District of Hong Kong. Not only does Yung Kee specialize in roasted goose, this restaurant also serves many Cantonese items/dishes from "Roast" items to "Rice and Congee". This is the "showcase" which is facing the walkway where passers-by stroll up and down the pavement. Will this tempt the "carnivore" in you?


Even desserts such as steamed milk puddings deserve a more than half-length of window space. One can guess the number of desserts intended to be sold for the day.


This is a push-cart-style stall set up in a aboriginal village in Taiwan. It sells Chinese millet wine- 小米酒 . See the smile of the lady below those hanging millets. She keeps promoting the wine and even encourages passers-by to taste the wine. The Chinese millet wine or 小米酒 is considered a representative to Taiwan as important as the Taiwanese aborigines to the culture of Taiwan. It is said that the indigenous people in the mountains of Taiwan are not so affluent, and this Chinese millet wine (millet is their harvest crops) has become their main drink with nutritional help to their body.

Do you window shop for food? or just limited to clothes, shoes and bags?

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