Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Egg Tarts in Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taiwan

I'm not bluffing you! Your eyes are not bluffing you!

A REAL family meal - chicken, and its "eggs" in the form of tarts

Portuguese Egg Tarts from KFC! You think I'm gung-ho enough so free to smuggle Portuguese Egg Tarts from Macau into KFC, place them side-by-side a bucket of fried chicken and take that picture? I must be having too much time to spare and too many heads to roll.

Do they look authentic ?

Well, there you have it. Portuguese egg tarts in Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Taiwan :D

This egg tart even comes with mochi beneath the egg custard. Can you see it?

KFC, Taiwan offers the classic Portuguese egg tart and other creative tarts such as the one with mochi in it(above). To verify my words, hop over to Taiwan KFC menu and take a look!

And there is a KFC opposite where I am staying :) ....I will go back for egg tarts more so than KFC fried chicken.

So what is there in your country's KFC or Mcdonalds that is really local and only available there? Curious! Curious! I wanna know!

It is not surprising, really. For example, new ideas for McDonalds come anywhere (source: Fortune article, May 2008 issue). You can now have McKroket in The Netherlands, Maharaja Burger in India, Croque McDo in France and a Bulgogi Burger in South Korea. They may make it back to the United States someday, if it makes business sense.

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Napaboaniya said...

@_@ !!! How nice is KFC serve that here in SG as well :P

There was a time Macdonald's served chicken congee for breakfast. Verdict = Tasted like those 2mins porridge from the sachet.

QuaChee said...

going to taiwan soon - wanna try them lol :)

Steven and Aisha said...

I really want some, Tigerfish! I wish we have it here.

pikey said...

hmmmmm... i'm really puzzled how eggtarts can relate to chickens in KFC, hahahaha

Anonymous said...

The KFC egg tarts are pretty common in Hong Kong. They had it since 2006 and it was pretty good if you have it hot, but the tart texture is not as crisp and firm as those in Macau.

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