Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hong Kong culture - dim sum and newspapers?

The locals in Hong Kong enjoy flipping and reading the newspapers especially during dim-sum breakfast and (I guess) as long as they are not rushed over giving up their seats. Maybe that is the only time they can slow down and enjoy their food and tea :)

What I look for in a Perfect Char Siew Bao ~ Cantonese barbecue pork buns:
- served steaming warm...you are at the risk of scalding your hunger-searching fingers when you attempt to touch it
- slightly cracked top in each bun
- soft fluffy "pau" dough, almost sponge cake-like texture
- generous char siew fillings w.r.t the dough (in other words, it cannot be too much dough and nothing inside the "pau" )
- warm moist juicy tasty char siew fillings with right proportions of meat vs "pork fats"
- "pau" fillings should not look too dangerously and artificially red

Luk Yu Tea House

24-26 Stanley Street, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Central Station

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Maya said...

Kidding, you just make my craving worst.My husband would not be happy if i asked him to drive for 2 hours to get me one. & not even as good as yours.

PatriCa BB said...

Hong Kong always makes good Char Siew Bao.. and other baos too. I love the custard egg yolk bao and char siew bao from Maxim's Palace at CityHall, HK! It's surprisingly good!! Next time will try Luk Yu!

Anonymous said...

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