Monday, April 07, 2008

Comparison and guide to best web hosting

I have heard my brother complaining about the entire server and host being down and he lost all his data and postings at his site. I have also heard about pages that take a long time to load because of a poor web hosting bandwidth. Some web hosting sites do not even provide timely support when the server is down. Such nightmares and terrible real stories...

If you are looking for best web hosting sites, has a comparison for you in terms of price, disk space and bandwidth. I have been procrastinating for a long time - about having my personal domain at a web host, for all the common and obvious worries e.g. that I do not have timely control over my own postings, the rates I have to pay up per year etc etc. With the options of these best web hosting sites, I can now do some good and real "shopping". Who knows I may do without the one day.

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Anonymous said...

There are no short cuts. Simply - price is proportional to service. You want a good host that gives you a good SLA, you pay the price. Many cheap hosts doesnt give you SLAs, but its cheap. In this case, you are expected to back-up your own files and data - which in today's connected environment and bandwidth availability is not really a big problem.

Question you have to ask yourself - what is your data like and the exected SLAs (Reliability, uptime, etc ?). This will then determine what kind of hosts you are looking for and of course, the service you are or not willing to pay