Sunday, April 06, 2008

Famous braised duck wings in XiMenDing, Taipei

Our first time traveling northwards to Taipei after a couple of months in Taichung (central Taiwan). Took us about an hour via Taiwan's High Speed Rail (HSR) and cost us 700NT (USD23/- per person, one way). If you forget about driving, going by the Taiwan HSR should be, in my opinion, the fastest and most comfortable way to travel to Taipei.

We did not plan much. We did not even go up the fastest lift touted in Taipei101 because Taipei101 only opens at 11am and we were there early at 9am. Bummer!

Could only take pictures from the outside since the doors were not opened!

Off we go...heading off to
Chiang Kai-Shek (CKS) Memorial Hall. I admit I am not so into Chinese history (or to be more specific...anything history and stuff...oops!) and spent only a short time around in CKS Memorial Hall. Then headed off to Tamsui late morning on the same day. The day ended traveling back from Tamsui to Taipei's Ximending -西門町, Taipei's equivalent of Harajuku - a famously hip place in Japan that represents youth style and fashion. Don't ask me what I am doing in a place like that! I felt out of place! I AM soooooo OLD!!! Waahhhhh.....:(

What did I do there ? Just walk around...bought myself a canvas tote bag...and some famous braised duck wings.

Since they were cold when I bought them, I chose to bring them back home so that I can heat them up (steam) before I enjoy them. These were very flavorful wings, braised to perfection. I guess if you were to eat them as-is (not heated up), the texture might be a tad chewy. But when steamed for a while, they exudes more fragrance - must be from the braising spices used! Less chewy, more moist and soft but still good.

Braised duck wings at Lau Tian Lu-老天祿滷味.
WuChang Street, Section 2, #55, Taipei
In Ximending vicinity

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