Monday, April 28, 2008

Taipei 101

We were at Taipei 101 early and could not even get through the entrance. The doors were not opened yet at 9+am. Bummer! :( ...and we could not take the lift. Yes. The lift in Taipei 101 was touted one of the fastest. Too bad...

Before we headed to CKS Memorial, we did not forget to take many snapshots of Taipei 101...from the outside, all angles, different views.

From far

Near the building, yet wanted to capture the height of Taipei 101

Amidst the trees

Another view, another angle

Some facts:
1. Height: 509m/1671 ft - tallest till 2003
2. The elevators (Toshiba) runs just over 60 km/h; taking you up in ~43secs

So remember, if you are planning a day in Taipei, make this Taipei 101 visit from middle of the day or after. You can visit other attractions such as CKS Memorial, earlier in the day, say 9+am.

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Tink *~*~* said...

What a fun building - looks like it is made of Legos!

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Ivanhoe said...

Never been to Asia, but must put in on my wish list after I saw all your pictures. Thank sfor stopping by and have a great Wednesday!

Mikey said...

That is a stunning skyscraper

Hemant Sharma said...

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