Monday, April 07, 2008

Get smart with Smorty

Well, if you spent half your time blogging, it is time to be rewarded, get some returns for your efforts and get paid for blogging. Of course, that is provided you enjoy writing like myself. It's a good opportunity for bloggers like myself to connect with advertisers in the Smorty arena. Sometimes, there are opportunities for you to write about a particular product or service provided by the advertisers in Smorty. Give it a go - write about your experiences and opinions about that product and/or service. With your actual experiences about certain products or services, you can even help your readers find and make better choices when it is time for your readers to make that similar selection. Indirectly, it is blog advertising for the advertisers too! In my opinion, a triple win situation - win for advertisers, win for bloggers and win for readers!

Are you signed up yet?

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